28 August 2014

Did Ukrainian adventure just entered in the hot stage for the whole world?

Today, the "independent" international media reported the invasion of the Russian Federation troops on the territory of Ukraine. Hysterical performance by Poroshenko, political demonstrations in Kiev and the ever rising escalation in the world media just put all the normal citizens in prostration.

Is it the beginning of a new world war? No, time is not right yet, it was just another pumping of masses to create the desired information field.

However, there are some related facts regarding all these statements. Do you recall August 15? When there was a fake web release that the humanitarian convoys coming from Russian has been blown up by Ukrainian troops, world markets reacted instantly by falling rapidly, that means, the danger was considered as real, even though there were no confirmed facts about the destruction of convoy or any military colon from Russia.
DAX, 15th August
What we have today is information exploding through the internet about the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, but as strange as it is, markets react according to all the rules of conduct. Supports/Resistances, Trend following, Rollbacks and Corrections. If the invasion was real, and not another fake call from completely politically bankrupt Poroshenko, believe us, falling of the markets would be catastrophic.

DAX, 28th August
According to the behavior of the markets, we can definitely say that World War 3 is not happening today. Looking at the puppeteers, we can safely say that time has not yet come. Do not worry at all, there will be enough of popcorn for all of us.