8 August 2014

Existential choice of Putin

World is on the verge of global change. At this point, the choice of the movement direction of civilization depends on the leaders of the two powers, Russia and the United States and their respective leaders.

If we look at it from the position of the United States, everything is clear, they are pushing for the development of globalization and a unipolar world while the position consisted of Russia in the light of Putin is not entirely clear.

Putin is in a very unpleasant situation, where he have to make an existential choice that will affect the entire planet.

The fact that Putin's vertical of power is created and based on the capital of the Jewish oligarchs who mercilessly robbed Russia and its people and who are fully integrated into the global financial system places Putin in a tough choice. Whether he submits to the subject and power of the Jewish oligarchs, followed by full transfer of all the Russian corporations and natural resources to Jewish transnational corporations, where the fate of Russia will be similar to the fate of Rwanda. Or the destruction of oligarchic capitalism in Russia, the nationalization of all assets in Russia and Russia's entry into direct confrontation with Jewish corporatocracy.

Undoubtedly, the outlook is grim. While the first option for Russia and all her people will destine them to a slow but certain death and decay, the second option would be the final battle with the parasitic caste of the planet, where the chances for all the people of good will to get on a track of a new, fair paradigm are very high. Putin, you have now a choice to become the liberator of all humanity or remain on the margins of history as nobody. The choice is yours.