25 August 2014

Former adviser to Netanyahu was killed on the southeast of Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities imposed a ban on any information about the incident. Deceased Michael Falkov, еxpert in the security field (terrorism and intelligence services), was an advisor to Avigdor Lieberman, who now holds the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel. Falkov death caused a sudden visit of Israeli parliamentarians to Ukraine August 19-22.

Falkov was considered as the owner and editor in chief of one of the Russian sites in Israel. His task was to serve media space for the interests of the Lieberman Party. Falk aswell used this site as a cover to collect compromising information about officials and businessmen in Russia and Ukraine, who have Israeli citizenship. Other objects of his interests were Israeli officials, politicians and businessmen - immigrants from the former Soviet Union. 

A reasonable question arises what was the true reason for the murder of an Israeli, how and most importantly why he was in a combat zone in the south-east of Ukraine?


New information about the murder of Michael Falkov, read here: