14 August 2014

Hungarian government tank sale scandal. 58 Tanks were sold to Ukraine as scrap

According to the portal www.hidfo.net Hungarian government has sold Ukraine 58 units of outdated T-72 tanks. Selling tanks was accompanied by a huge corruption scandal called "Hulladékvas áráért eladott honvédségi harckocsik - útban az ukrajnai háború felé" which means: According to the documents, tanks were sold as a scrap, but in fact the real hidden price was a secret and it's sum was divided between beneficiaries

The transfer of these tanks was captured in the photos below along with original documents. Unfortunantely it's in Hungarian.

Nyíregyháza T-72 tanks

A pályázat az 58 db harckocsira:

A tender nyertese:

A második pályázatot 22 db T-72-es harckocsira írták ki.

A második tender nyertese: