15 August 2014

If you are poor and sick, euthanasia is the best way for you

Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė
Euthanasia might be needed for poor people who cannot access palliative care, the new Lithuanian Health Minister has suggested. Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė was sworn earlier this month, but already she has made waves by backing an open discussion of the legalisation of euthanasia.

Without making any specific proposals, she told local media that Lithuania was not a welfare state with palliative care available for all and that euthanasia might be an option for people who did not want to torment relatives with the spectacle of their suffering.

The minister has also raised the idea of euthanasia for children. She noted that this option had been approved for Belgian children after a long public debate. It was an option which might be appropriate in Lithuania as well after public debate.

INSIDER DAILY Opinion: This is just a freud honey pot, what they trully need is not the "sick and poor" they dont need poor people aswell which they want to purge aswell. Dejavu. This has have happend roughly 75 years ago during Third Reich and it was called as just nacism.