27 August 2014

Murder of Israeli citizen Michael Falkov, is it provocation?

We got more additional information about the murder of Falkov Michael During the battle for Pervomaisk, Ukrainian battalion "Donbass" found the charred corpse which had an Israeli passport №10933029 with the name of Falkov Michael, born in 1977. Source in the Information-Analytical Center of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) reported about this on August 25 on condition of anonymity. Security officials in Kiev suspect that the death of Israeli was not a result of fire or shrapnel but as a result of torture. Command of "anti-terrorist operation" (ATO) has been notified about the body with an Israeli passport almost a whole week after the discovery.


All that is connected with the name of Falkov and his murder seems to be provocation staged by Ukrainian special services, it’s very rude and highly unprofessional. Although intelligence agencies around the world are not particularly enlightened in that matter. Remember the 9/11? When in the ruins of WTC was found a passport belonging to Mohamed Atta completely intact. Similarly, the information stands that there is charred corpse and intact passport, stupid.

The main question, why was this done? As is well known, the authorities of Israel are quite restrained and neutral regarding the events in the south-east of Ukraine. Israel does not participate in economic sanctions against Russia, moreover, some of the Israeli soldiers from volunteer battalion "Aliya" (גדוד העלייה) expressed their willingness to fight on the side of the rebels in south-east during the spring of 2014.

Poroshenko regime is barely on its feet, they need to come up with a serious provocation, and against the country whose opinion is highly respected through the whole world. Israel and its citizens has been chosen for this. I’d like to remind that the provocation with the Malaysian Boeing downed in Ukraine, failed miserably due to the sheer stupidity of Ukrainian special services. The truth was hidden and all the information about the Boeing disappeared from the information field and the media.