15 August 2014

Neocons of United States are preparing war in Transnistria with the hands of Ukrainian oligarchs

A. Wasserman (Russian intellectual) analyzes the latest developments related to the crisis in Ukraine.
-They will do the same trick as in the 2008 South Ossetia once again. The decor in the Ukraine is now on the verge of a very large fracture. Infight between key partners of the coup in Kiev: Kolomoiskiy and Poroshenko have already started.

 -Apparently Poroshenko was given the task to destroy the Novorossia(Rebels) not later than the Independence Day of Former Ukraine (August 24). If he did not succeed to organize the victory, then, together with Romania (Moldavia beign used as cannon fodder) attack on Transnistria.
-Second Front in Transnistria will for some time distract the people from the first front in the east of Ukraine. In Transnistria, the treaty between Transnistria and Moldova secured a placement of Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria. Attacking them should give the same effect as the attack on Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia on August 8, 2008.
For confirmation of A. Wasserman analysis we show you a pictures from Ukrainian/Transnistrian border, where Ukrainian engineering infantry divisions are digging wide trenches along whole border.

Insider Daily Opinion: For Neocons it's very important to start new round of tension that lead to integral European war and chaos. Think of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria is there a peace, order and democracy? No, there is only chaos, controlled chaos.

If the neocons succeed in plunging the world into the controlled chaos, they will be deemed the winner. From the chaos of the world, for the survivors, they will create, unprecedented in its cruelty and anti-humane global concentration camp. This will be the new reality, another Auschwitz from where the escape is impossible.