10 August 2014

The civil war in Ukraine. Who is behind it?

The civil war in Ukraine is dirty and very bloody mess that takes place on the European continent. Briefly about the reasons for this ongoing war. Main cause of the war was a declination of European integration where a part of the population of Ukraine did not like that decission of former President Yanukovych. After not signing a memorandum of euro integration in Kiev, there started massive unrest in the Independence Square called "Maidan"

On the wave of very popular unrest and hatred of the government and the corrupt oligarchs, Western intelligence agencies ably changed the course of the unrest with the addition of ultra-nationalists, who re-directed entire protest at the "right" track.
After the overthrow of corrupt President Yanukovych hated by all Ukrainians, all the troubles of today's Ukraine was blamed on Russia and Russians specifically. This wave of decisions were aimed at the Russian language and it's respectible ban, because the only official language can be considered the Ukrainian language, which in turn led to unrest in eastern Ukraine, where the bulk of the population are ethnic Russians.

Eastern regions of Ukraine were declared as area of anti-terrorist operation, where the Ukrainian government is waging war against its own people, calling them terrorists.

These causes have been compiled by sources from two opposing sides, both Ukrainian and pro-Russian, but this compilation does not answer the question posed, who is behind this war and who benefits from it.

More pragmatic reasons for the war:

There is leaked information in global network about the agreement between the Ukrainian government and corporations Shell and Chevron regarding shale gas in Ukraine. The agreement was signed in 2013 by the government of Yanukovych-Azarov. Shell-Chevron holding gained a license to develop fields in the Dnipro-Donetsk, Azov-Kuban and the Carpathian oil and gas basins. The company also possesses a permit for the development of gas condensate field Tatyanovsk and Aktashsk oil and gas fields, located on the Crimean peninsula. Holding has also received rights for shale gas production in the area of Slovyansk.

Details about governmental agreement:

The agreement provides production and total control of the areas, including shale gas, which the investor can extract at the site at a depth from 0 to 10 kilometres. The agreement is valid for 50 years and can be renewed.
"If the technical requirement arises the investor has the right to mine in the necessary amounts anywhere, be it gravel, clay, chalk, lime, sand and most importantly - water. In addition, the agreement says that if the investor needs to obtain water outside the treaty area, the state of Ukraine is obliged to ensure it is free to the right. "
"... Point 18.1. (J) expressly provides for the power and the armed protection of the investor from possible hypothetical protests and acts of disobedience of the local population of the region ... "
"Paragraph 39 of the Agreement:" Waiver of the state "..." The state of Ukraine completely waives its immunity for the purposes of this Agreement regarding the lands. This waiver applies to all judicial decisions, decisions of international commercial arbitration, the decision in the proceedings against provisional remedy, as well as the implementation of the decisions of judicial and arbitral bodies. "
Therefore making those lands under complete and full control of the Holding and giving the Ukrainian government zero power over these lands for next 50 years.

Now it becomes clear, whose interests, under the curtain of the antiterrorist operation, protects the current government of Ukraine. We want to emphasize that very important role that’s hidden in the shadow of the conflict is played and accompanied by Jewish oligarchs in Russia. Ukrainian War – is nothing more than an ordinary redistribution of property and spheres of influence between the Jewish oligarchic capital of the world. The sad truth is that the war is killing the people of same ethnicity where they are shooting each other for the idea of ​​a fix, which has been hammered into their heads by the exact same oligarchs using the controlled media, which are owned by the said oligarchs.

Now, in the conflict zone there are involved countless volunteers and mercenaries from around the world on both sides.

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