7 August 2014

Where will the World War III start?

The main events of today could be considered the clash of Western financial oligarchy against their opponents in the east represented by Russia, which is led by Putin. The absurdly fast growing U.S. debt passed threshold of pay off long time ago and right now is in a dire need of relief, which leads chief hegemon of this planet represented by United States pushing for a new global war more than ever. Though the only condition for war is that it should not touch U.S. soil, and ideally should be carried out on the territory of Europe and with European forces, however there are several conditions that set a certain level of difficulty for U.S. and gives a space for resistance to Russia

1) For the U.S., the conflict can turn in a full out nuclear war. Parity in the number of nuclear warheads is on the side of Russia with 10000 warheads approx. while U.S. got 8500 warheads. Therefore, the U.S. financial oligarchs chose the method of local wars outside the borders of Russia, followed by drawing Russia into a direct military confrontation with Europe. The best tool right now is a civil war in Ukraine and the escalating conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as smoldering conflict in Transnistria.

2) For Russia, full and impregnable resistance is right now impossible, as all Russian major financial institutions are under unofficial control of international financial systems like Fed and IMF. Rouble, discharged through the mechanism of foreign exchange reserves in proportion to the dollar is basically under the supervision of the Federal Reserve. Russian political elites are also under full or partial control of Western intelligence agencies as they are complicit in corruption schemes stealing money from the state budget and storing huge sums in the western offshores.

Concluding from the situation, global elites are in need of World War 3, which can settle for them several ongoing problems.

a) Preservation of existing financial oligarchic paradigm throughout the world based on a loan interest and debt bondage

b) Write-off a massive debt and preserve U.S. global primacy

c) Reduction of the world's population to a desired number

Adepts of the new world order will do anything to force European countries into war with Russia. If they fail to draw Russia into ongoing conflict in Ukraine, there are still back up plans, Caucasus and Transnistria. In the Caucasus, Armenia is a member of CSTO and if the request is made, Russia, according to the agreement, have to enter the war on the side of Armenia. A similar situation is in Transnistria, in the event of a new conflict started by the Republic of Moldova, Russia also will be forced to join the war, as in Transnistria there is stationed a limited contingent of Russian peacekeepers, also there are more than 56000 inhabitants of Transnistria that are Russian citizens. War fomenting countries, Azerbaijan and Moldova, are directly influenced by the EU, U.S. and NATO ...

Not to mention, new BRICS assemble have placed one more nail into the coffin of U.S. dollar domination throughout the world.