1 September 2014

Human history and the game of secret elites

The 21st century paradigm of capitalism and its main goal of "infinite consumption" is coming to its logical end. What will happen to our civilization, what global changes can be expected by the peoples around the world? These are the questions we will try to answer in this new series of articles. In these articles we will address both, metaphysical component and the material basis of an upcoming paradigm shift.

Beginning of a new century can be characterized as the beginning of the world reformation. All the world changes will be accompanied by very unpleasant actions for every human. War, genocide, disease and disaster. Humanity must go through a certain number of unpleasant events for subsequent qualitative transition from one paradigm to another. Better, perfect paradigm

On a planetary scale, elites behind the scenes are playing a magical spectacle for the profane world population, with approximate event horizon of 50 years or more. No it's not a typo, we are talking about the real puppet masters, not the talking heads and public oligarchs. They are always in the shade, always beyond our grasp. Events planned by them and objectives will be achieved, even after the death of several generations of people on Earth. That’s why we, living now or later, will never understand their plan, we can hardly foresee the future for few years, not to mention the centuries.

The Empire Statue
All the events taking place on our planet throughout history has always been associated with one or other centers of power or historical hegemony. The historical spiral is twisted around these centers of power. Hegemon always passes through several stages of development. First it’s flourishing, global domination (linking to global dominance according to their age and area), followed by Renaissance withering and death of hegemon. But the "hegemony" has never been cast adrift. After the death of the old center of power, the new hegemon have always risen, young and predatory empire devouring everything in its path. And so it went on from century to century. The whole empire crumbled, nations were destroyed, but there have always been these centers. There wasn’t a single moment through the human history that would’ve lacked a supervision of some center of power. Whether it's ancient Babylon, or the mighty Roman Empire, recently departed Spanish Empire and the British power, they were all centers of power, where the secret elite guided the history of mankind in desired direction.

The twentieth century had the unusual situation regarding centers of power, secret elites launched a project called the Soviet Union. It was the kind of experience that was supposed to show which method of control is preferable for humanity - American project or a project of the USSR. But the project has not justified itself, because of internal contradictions. USSR was heading in the direction of human development through cooperation between individuals, lacking any material interest, poor idealists had to work for the benefit of other poor idealists. However, American project bears individual greed, based solely on the production of wealth and its competitive consumption. Elites opted for the option No.2 Controlling the greedy and stupid consumer is rather easy compared to the poor idealist. Project of the USSR was closed, but even after the closure, project cannot deemed as a failure, it made an important historical action for elites - the creation of the State of Israel. Yes, it was the USSR and Stalin who stood directly behind the creation of modern Israel. It was the Soviet Union who provided military support to Israel through its eastern satellites (Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia...) during the war with the Middle East Arab League in 1948.


Andrei Gromyko
November 26, 1947 at the UN General Assembly the Soviet representative, Andrei Gromyko, defended the rights of the Jews for their own state: 

"Representatives of the Arab countries indicate that the partition of Palestine is a historical injustice. But this view cannot be accepted, simply because the Jewish people have been linked with the Palestinians over a long historical period of time."

The speech from Gromyko and the position of the Soviet Union, influenced the Americans. President Harry Truman decided to support the Jews as well.
Albert Pike

Centers of power

Where are the current center of power on the planet? At the moment, this is undoubtedly the United States. The United States created by Masonic adepts, as a replacement for the British Empire. But for some reason, everyone thinks that it’s the Masons who are true backstage players, but this is not true, Masons are only serving mechanism for these ruling elites. Masonic Order, is in no doubt quite powerful, but they are the same smoke screen of deceit for the uninitiated profane world population. Think about the highest degree of dedication in Masonic order, 33 degrees. In fact, there are 3 times more of degrees of initiation, it’s exactly 99 degrees. Political figures and talking heads can reach only 33th degree, anything beyond that is closed. Only 33 degrees are disclosed to public. We know of many Masonic adepts of 33th degree, for example, Albert Pike, but you cannot name a single dedicated to the degree of 34th and higher, it is taboo, these degrees supposedly does not exist. Oh but they exist, and we will show you ...

To be continued in the following articles

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Emanuel Zorg for INSIDER DAILY