13 September 2014

NATO tanks already in Ukraine

According to western Ukrainian bloggers, tanks "Leopard" with symbols of the Bundeswehr have been spotted on Lviv highway and near Ternopil.

According to official sources, the German tank crews arrived on the international exercise "Rapid Trident", which are due to start on Monday 15.09.2014 at Yavoriv which is 50 km to the west from Lviv. However Ternopil is 150 km to the east from Lviv. Why German tanks are more than 150 km away from the city of Yavoriv is unclear?

The most likely version of all this is reconnaissance. Checking conditions for possible entry into the fight if necessary with an army of Novorossia. While talking about march to the borders of Novorossia would be far fetched, it’s likely to be a practice of possible scenarios and deterrence of Novorossian army in case of their successful attack on the west of Ukraine and Kiev.

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