23 September 2014

Secret Operation: "New California"

Returning to the subject of the New Israel, we would like to point out all the imaginary differences and contradictions between America and Russia today. But all those contradictions exist solely for us, namely: bozos of the world's population. After all, the secret agents of the elites have their effect on the opposing sides that despite the apparent intransigence play and push for the same cause.

Between Russia and America, there have always been close economic and political ties. Russia, was one of the first countries to support the independence of the American colonies from the British Crown in 1780. And in our time, ranging from the creation of the project called USSR to space programs these two powers were always together and played by the rules of global elites.

And for the global elite, the primary task in the early 20th century, was the recreation of the historical state of Israel. Where did they start with creation of modern state of Israel and further, will they create a new global Israel? We will discuss it in the following article.

Rise of the industrial USSR

After the 1917 revolution, the Soviet government had a task to accomplish for the survival of the young republic. In order to survive, the new global project needed a qualitative leap. In 1929, during the Great Depression, by Stalin personally was invited to leading position American architect Albert Kahn of Jewish origin in order to start the industrialization.

American architect Albert Kahn

He was known for building the Ford factory in Detroit. And in 1930 he drew up a plan of industrial modernization in Russia. Albert Kahn's branch in Moscow wore Soviet name - "Gosproektstroy" Where 25 Americans have worked in the leading positions and 2 500 of Soviet engineers alongside.

The industrialization of the entire country was led by American and European engineers who were hired by Stalin.

Industrialization was carried out in the shortest possible time, and the new State have obtained a world-class industry complex. Was industrialization project carried out exclusively by Stalin, what were the end game goals? Whose money was spent and who credited Stalin?

In many history books it’s said that industrialization was carried out by extreme efforts of the Soviet population and that funds for the purchase of equipment and technology were paid from the export of grain that was expropriated from the peasants, foreign exchange and gold reserves of the country. But I would like to remind you, that the Russian reserves have been completely destroyed, and by 1924 accounted for a negligible amount.

From the memories of Stalin's comrades in the 20s:

To save the remnants of the gold reserves of the country, Stalin was forced to place them in the apartment of Bolshevik Stasova and appoint there protection.

Following this logic, it means that foreign exchange reserves were very few and they simply would not be enough even for the initial stage of industrialization. So, Stalin had secret funds for industrialization.

In the 90s of the 20th century, just after the fall of the USSR, many secret documents from the KGB archives were declassified. One of the people who worked on these documents was Mikhail Poltoranin, who led a government commission to declassify the archives of the KGB

Mikhail Poltoranin
Namely, Mikhail Poltoranin found interesting documents regarding the interests of the Jews to the Crimean peninsula.

From the secret archives, it became known that industrialization demanded huge sums from Stalin, and these amounts were secretly provided by the world's Jewish capital. But the Jewish capital needed guarantees of return for the funds they provided, and that's when there pops up quite a secret agreement between Stalin and the Jewish financiers, about the Crimea. It states that Stalin laid the ground of Crimea to Jewish bankers of America in return for loans.

Also, the Crimea was promised to the Jewish financial bosses as their promised land. For the loans provided for industrialization, Jewish financiers received shares of Crimea and notes on the possession of the land of the Crimea. Crimean lands were simply divided among the creditors of Stalin. Thus, about 200 richest men in America have become holders of shares of the Crimea.

Majority of the holders of shares of the Crimea were people such as Eleanor Roosevelt, J. Edgar Hoover, Louis Marshall

In order to prepare the Crimean land for resettlement of Jewish elites there had to be met certain conditions. For this purpose they used the hands of ordinary Jewish settlers. One of the Inspirers of a Jewish state in the Crimea was one of the younger members of the government of the USSR Larin-Lurie, of Jewish origin. (We would like to remind you that 90 percent of the then government of the USSR were representatives of the World Jewish International)

Larin-Lurie has put forward the idea of ​​organizing a Jewish republic in the Crimea and the settlements on the territory of 280,000 Jews. Through Larina-Lurie this idea has been tried to implement through American national, Rosenberg of American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. They were offered in the Crimean Simferopol establishment of a branch called AGRO Joint, which was involved in the resettlement of Jews from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria and other European countries to the Crimea. Then Crimean Jewish farms were the first prototypes of the modern Israeli kibbutz.

AGRO Joint
The agreement between Stalin and its creditors was that in the case of non-repayment of loans till 1954, the entire Crimea have to become the property of its shareholders. Note that the contract has been agreed for this date year, 1954, and it’s was 1954, when Crimea was transferred by the Khrushchev under the management of the then Ukrainian republics of the USSR. But more on that later.

Stalin outsmarted his creditors by creating a precedent against Jews in the Crimea with the participation of the Crimean Tatars. Tatars in Crimea resisted the movement of Jewish settlers, Jewish settlers were threatened with the liquidation, which gave Stalin the opportunity to approach the contract agreements a little differently regarding the Crimea.

Stalin said: "We cannot kindle the flame of nationalism ", and to neutralize the indignation of his creditors, Stalin created in Siberia, on the border with China, the Jewish Autonomous Republic as a replacement for Crimea. In modern jargon, Stalin (being of Jewish origin himself) elaborately trolled his creditors, by placing them in a position of taking what is offered

Jewish Autonomous Oblast
The outbreak of the Second World War pushed plans of resettlement of the Jews to a secondary position. But the global elite perfectly remembered everything and were not going to forgive the debts of Stalin.

Western elites for a long time rejected Stalin's request to open a second front. From the secret KGB documents became known that one of the points that would allow to open a second front and continue to supply military aid to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease was the continuation of the project to establish the Jewish state in the Crimea. Since the Jewish autonomy in Siberia did not suit the elites, Stalin had decided for resettlement of Crimean Tatars, under pressure from Western elites.

From a conversation between Stalin and Tito

Stalin and Tito
Stalin told Tito that he could not send him a part of the American Lend-Lease because the Americans are threatening to freeze it. The Jewish lobby in America is very strong, and they require me to continue the project, "the Crimean California." We cannot (the American) to open a second front, as long as you do not take a decision on the Crimea.

In 1945, at the end of the Second World War, US Commerce Secretary Harriman had to come to Stalin for a final decision on the Crimea. But Stalin was strongly opposed to transfer of Crimea to the Jews. The main argument put forward by Stalin was decision of Congress in Basel in 1897, which stated that the homeless Jews create their own state in Palestine, but Brits were against it. And then, the Soviet representative to the UN in 1947, proposed the creation of an independent state of Israel in the Palestinian territories, which was approved by a majority of the world.

At some point in time, Stalin had won, but the global elite do not forget and do not forgive their debts. Just timelines were pushed into the future.

Today, for the uninitiated goyim, there is being played an enchanting view on the creation of a new global center of Israel to transfer forces from the United States to the territory of present-day Russia and Ukraine. Think about why Putin returned Crimea so easily, because the global elite allowed to do so. Gentiles will be shown theatrical and meaningless sanctions, contradictions and war against Putin, it must be so, but in the end, Putin will be the winner, so have decided the Jews, because Putin is the best friend of the Jews which have said Rabbi Berel Lazar.

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