30 September 2014

Hackers Group CyberBerkut: "TELEFUNKEN RACOMS" is supplying weapons into Ukraine

Hackers Group CyberBerkut say: We have obtained private correspondence between the commander of National Guard of Ukraine general Stepan Poltorak and German company TELEFUNKEN RACOMS. It's about providing Ukraine with the military equipment – portable ground surveillance radars and hand-held thermal imaging cameras CORAL-CR and further cooperation in providing Ukraine with military equipment.

Germany recently denied its possible involvement in weapons supplies to Ukraine. But now we know the truth. The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is not interested in peace in Ukraine and gives go-ahead to provide weapons and military equipment to the Kiev junta. Thus the Kiev junta intends to break the truce in the South-East of the country soon and supplies the National Guard with necessary equipment to fight its own people.