30 September 2014

There should be no more than 8 million population on Ukraine. Elites have decided already

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In this article we would like to bring to your attention an interesting interview, which reveals the true state of affairs in our world. The person giving the interview, is the conductor of insider information between the world of ordinary people and the elites that control this world, he is well-informed about the plans and processes of managing of the global elites and their thinking.

On the other side, the correspondent from official Ukrainian media. A typical representative of the majority of planet population, idiot, who thinks in very primitive ways that can be seen through the question he asks.

Information about events in Ukraine are of great importance in this interview. All activities and processes are described from the point of view and interests of the global elite and their goals. The information is very cynical and dosed, creating a feel of hopelessness.

INSIDER DAILY: We will comment on and explain the most interesting passages of the interview

Eugeni Gilbo photo ostwestinvest.de

Ukrainian correspondent: Eugene. First of all, thank you for agreeing to this interview. You are the nonpublic person that possess insider information and you rarely agree to comment on something much less on giving full interview. What can you say about the prospects of the Revolution in the Ukraine? Will Putin strangle our revolution or are heading in for a quick victory and the successful development?

Eugeni Gilbo: I see that you nor anyone in Ukraine, including the oligarchs, have any close understanding of the plans of the global corporatocracy regarding the Ukraine. And even less understanding of the matters and that Putin will be forced to contribute to them. Do you really think he's an independent figure who makes decisions for the government of the Russian Federation? In fact, the state is already an illusion, and so is it’s work – state is not making any decisions it’s just keeping the status quo in the matters that have already happend.

I wrote this in my book "A post-industrial transition and the World War" about the economic reasons which led to a gradual reduction of functionality and capacity of territorial welfare states, which were the highest form of social organization in the industrial era. Now the real power was concentrated in corporations with global interests and the global nature of their activity. In place of the armies and intelligence services are now the PMC, and the world is now at a highest level of this form of existence, compared the one that was in the pre-industrial era - the feudal states, corporations that trade between each other, research and development, finance and global governance and various orders, which actually is a world empire.

The states of the industrial age disappear like the Cheshire cat. The only thing that’s left behind now is just the smile of the cat and even that is slowly disappearing.
INSIDER DAILY: A very significant response from Mr. Gilbo. Did you notice what he focuses on? Processes taking place in Ukraine, are not controlled by local money bags (oligarchs), and the current puppet regime. Puppeteer is always in the shadows.

Ukrainian reporter: I think that you are the victim of the Russian media and Kiselev, who are trying to convince the population of the Russian Federation to take anti-Ukrainian stance. And now you are saying all of this due to the sheer Ukrainophobia.

INSIDER DAILY: Reporter by virtue of his own limitations does not understand that the propaganda, no matter where it comes from, is only an instrument of global shadow elites. Any confrontation and uncompromising ideology will always play for the same team. And the loser is the one who is the object of that manipulation.
Eugeni Gilbo: I'm rarely in Russia, and I’ve heard several times from the Ukrainians about that Kiselev, while I’ve never heard about him from the of Russians. Perhaps, in Russia they do not care about him at all unlike in Ukraine. As for the pro-Ukrainian or anti-Ukrainian position - I cannot have them, since I do not live in a world of illusions. Ukrainians are absolutely sure that if they do not consider themselves to be Russians then the whole world should do so aswell. In reality, the whole world thinks of Ukrainians as not even a some kind of Russians, but just Russians. All the Novorossiysk, and Little Russia, and even the Galicians. In Russia, the too, believe that Ukrainians are Russians, just a little changed as a result of age-old Russophobian propaganda. In recent years, however, Galicians ceased to be considered as Russians.

Since I live in the West and spinning around in circles of European business and political bomond, I always stuck to the received view of things there that are not singled out as a Russian or Ukrainians. So I haven’t developed a pro-Ukrainian nor any anti-Ukrainian position - that is, I ignore this phantom instead of thinking about him.

INSIDER DAILY: Very decent answer. The impression is that there have been carried out a new mass experiment on the people of Ukraine. And if the people of Ukraine abandon their identity as a subject of the Russian world, they are awaiting for the total destruction, carried out by their own hands. Let me just mention, that as strong as this, but in opposite direction there exists an ongoing ideological pumping in Russia to prove to the Russians, that Ukrainians aren’t Russians either.

Ukrainian reporter: Then what do they consider as Russia in the West?

Eugeni Gilbo: By Russia is traditionally called all the space governed by a historical bond of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, Russian language, not only in the physical territory, but the entire Russian sector of the mental world. The unity of this geopolitical factor was mentioned century and a half ago by Prince Otto von Bismarck:

Even the most favorable outcome of the war will never lead to the decomposition of the main force of Russia, which is based on the millions of Russians.... these the last, even if they are dismembered with the international treatises, are connecting to each other very fast again, like mercury, cutting into pieces. This inviolable state of the Russian nation is strong its climate, its spaces and limitations of the needs.

Ukrainian correspondent: Exactly this kind of reluctance to acknowledge the existence, history and a great future of the Ukrainian nation is Ukrainophobia. Obviously, your position is pro-Putin, even if he did not pay you for it.

INSIDER DAILY: We do not even know how to comment on this correspondent. Those aren’t the signs of zombification, it more looks like as some kind of sophisticated "lobotomy."

Eugeni Gilbo: I have known Putin during his work at a number of positions in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but I’ve had no contact with him during the last few years, he is not my client, so I do not get money from him for my advice. I've tried to explain that you have the wrong idea about the overall context of the situation. Do you really believe that Putin is someone independent, and he can somehow influence the situation in the Ukraine? In fact, his function even in a dying state of the Russian Federation – is purely cosmetic, which means, that he must execute and present the situation that develops as a result of various layouts caused by confrontation of global corporations, some of which are based in Russia, but the vast majority outside of it.

Ukrainian correspondent: Who and what will now determine the situation in Ukraine?

Eugeni Gilbo: Those who will in the whole world - the corporatocracy.

Ukrainian correspondent: And don’t you think that when a sovereign Ukraine will last a couple of years, Russia will simply fall apart and most of the territories will join more successful Slavic state?

Eugeni Gilbo: As far as I know there are a lot of supporters of this "wise" idea in the Ukraine, but it is just a consequence of inadequate perception of reality and unwillingness to even think about what are the goals of the world corporatocracy regarding Ukraine. Where do you see the sovereignty? The Ukraine no longer exist, only the media hub is what’s left. They will not even disclose what will happen tonight to this designated puppet Poroshenko.

Ukrainian oligarchs still naively hope that they will stabilize the remains of the country. So does idiots too. But I know the plans of the structures that make decisions, and it’s clearly spelled out that the Slavic population in Ukraine, after the ethnic cleansing, will remain under 8 million.

INSIDER DAILY: And here, the shadow elite immediately made it clear that the population of present-day Ukraine isn’t needed. We have already written in their articles about what the elites need from Ukraine, considering that 27% of the fertile lands of the planet Earth are in Ukraine. In Ukraine, which will accommodate about 8 million slaves will be transferred into very high quality global agro-plantation. Russians from Russia, according to the plans of the elites, will serve as slaves, providing raw materials for the needs of the future global Zion. Europe is predestined for very unenviable role too. Europe is very resource consumption intensive continent. European high standard of living is not favorable for the elites, awaiting for her quick Islamization, genocide of rebellious enclaves and degradation which will as a consequence lead to falling living standards and much lesser resource consumption. About what will happen in America, we are writing a separate article.

Ukrainian correspondent: You live in a dream world. Come to Kiev - see everything in a different light.

Eugeni Gilbo: And what will I see? Same what was in Kiev in 1941, on the eve of the capture by the Germans: a full cafés, moms walking with strollers, some people think that reds will repulse, while others thinks it will be like in 1918. Jews sitting in the café that will later be dragged into Babi Yar few weeks later, and in the district committees, future policemen that will be carrying that out.

Ukrainian correspondent: Ukrainians themselves took their destiny into their own hands and determine it themselves, not some ephemeral corporations.

INSIDER DAILY: Children's naivety in reporter struck like a lightning, but we forgive him, he is a mass by-product of this era.

Eugeni Gilbo: You are not even close to understanding what I mean. As with all of the former Ukraine. War propaganda through media here is not enough, you are just being merely anesthetized before euthanasia. Ukraine was sentenced not only to euthanasia but rather genocide. It was decided that the Slavic population in the region should not be present. Between the Russian Federation or of her remains and Europe should be culturally alienated space.

Oligarchs thought that the owners will be satisfied if they just cut out all the Russian and Ukrainians and leave only the Galicians. They are wrong. Decision is to carry out the ethnic cleansing of all Slavs. The fact that plebeians do not want to understand, nor hear - means that it will be carried out easily. In Syria, the Alawites, were aware of the question of genocide that’s why they still hold.

Ukrainian correspondent: But it's not in the interests of the Russian Federation! How will Putin do it?

Eugeni Gilbo: Well, atleast you realize that it is not in the interests of the Russian Federation either. Maybe, after a course of psychiatric treatment you will grasp that all of this is not done by Putin or some other media figure.

War is led by global corporatocracy against Russia. World corporatocracy does not think in terms of Ukraine or Russia. They don’t care at all about the governments. This Ukrainian brainwash only gives illusion that something is decided by Obama, Putin or "Brussels sprouts". In reality, they are here just to arbiter what’s already happened. Though they are not always told in advance of what’s going on.

In Ukraine they still believe that the Crimea was taken by the Russian military. In reality, Putin learned that they will take the Crimea, 10 days before the referendum and he was very surprised to say at least, although Kissinger made quite clear hint few weeks earlier.

INSIDER DAILY: The most important words are about Putin, he is also just a figure on a chessboard. Albeit a very influential, something like a chess queen, but still in the hands of these backroom players.

Ukrainian correspondent: But then who took the Crimea?

Eugeni Gilbo: In reality Crimea was taken by the PMC, very specific one. It’s very surprising that the media in Ukraine still discuss some misinformation, but no one even looks into the fact that Crimea was for a very long time base of operations for those companies (PMCs) - the only real combat-ready forces of the modern world, the instrument, which transforms the world for corporatocracy. Of course, these companies do not advertise themselves and their works out in the open, but there is visible tip of the iceberg - their recruiting system, they are energetically promoting themselves in order to recruit the bew guys. You can see their website. They are those “Polite green men” that we’ve seen in Crimea.

Ukrainian correspondent: So you say that Crimea was not captured by Russian troops?

Eugeni Gilbo: Even Ukrainians are allowed to see a bit of reality. The government of the Russian Federation got just about same amount of combat-ready forces as Ukraine. Even if you are super patriot and believe in those media propaganda regarding army, you should pay more attention to the whole world that laughs while watching how 200 fighters of PMC in Slovyansk tied all combat-capable part of the Ukrainian army in the cauldorn and mock them. The fact that 200 fighters can against 15000 men from Ukrainian army while adapting methods of modern warfare – is the best proof that Ukraine has no army. In Russia the situation is exactly the same. Their efficiency is about the same, except their numbers are just three times larger.

If you still think that Putin may decide to send troops to Ukraine. He have nothing to enter with in a first place. Even if he will send 50 000 Troops that are actually capable of movement and warfare, they can be kept back by pair of PMC battalions, which will carry out similar operations like in Slavyansk.

Therefore, the invasion of Russian troops is nightmare decision even for Putin. However, this thought is still very strong and persistent through Ukrainian media brainwash, calling Russian invasion every single day.

Ukrainian reporter: Are you saying that the Strelkov has a cell-centric warfare strategy?

Eugeni Gilbo: Here's another one your misconception: You believe that you know the names of the people who are behind these or other processes. If you are not the director of the CIA, you can only know the names of PR representatives. For example, in Forbes list you see only the names of the main PRs of large corporations, but they are not the owners and managers of these corporations. The real owners and managers of businesses keep their name out of the light.

Ukrainian correspondent: Who is behind this operation then? You will say that it’s not Putin? But he is the most obvious candidate for this because of his Ukrainophobia inherent to all misanthropic pedophiles that lack any cultural development.

Eugeni Gilbo: You have a specific idea of ​​pedophiles, just like about everything else. Perhaps you mean pedophiles, maniacs rapists who commit crimes against children. Also, general cultural development of Putin should not be underestimated - he still came from Leningrad, and not from a remote village somewhere in Ukraine afterall.

Most of the actions are usually done solely for economic interests, rather than what you have suggested in such emotional manner. Actually, what is going on in the Donbass is redistribution of property between Akhmetov and Yanukovich. That’s what they hired PMCs for.

Ukrainian correspondent: And who expropriate their property?

Eugeni Gilbo: If in Ukraine were at least some remnants of mental health, they would have asked this simple question long time ago. And in really the answer is very simple and on the surface. It is clear that if some corporation is associated with some PMCs, then there will be some ties between their spin-offs. If Ukraine had at least one analyst, who is engaged in business and not spending all their time broadcast erotic fantasies about the future greatness of Ukraine, he would have noticed quite open and well-known facts that Strelkov was a security chief in Marshall Capital, and Boroday – was head of ideological PR. Chief director (PR) of this campany is Konstantin Malofeev, and they quite a broad range of interests. So if you are interested in the future of Donbass, it would make sense to pay attention to the activities of these gentlemen, and not the clowns in Kiev or words of Putin. Putin will be just narrating the outcome of corporate contesting.

You are just simply not told who fights there for that, and who have which interests in the region.

Ukrainian correspondent: So you say that those forces aren’t under control of Putin?

Eugeni Gilbo: Over the former Ukraine is such global force now that only from the mentioning of the names Obamas knees are shaking and you are still stuck on Putin.

INSIDER DAILY: Here you can see how any of the PR Political Figures in this world are never self-determined and are always there for someone else’s purpose. 
Black Noise – political-analytical terminology of the concept of information where there is a huge number of mutually exclusive and antagonistic points of view, so that any consumer can find their own ideology upon request. But all these points of view, political doctrines are false. So, it does not matter to which political party you give your votes, the result will always be the same, and predispositioned for the sole benefit of the shadow players.

To be continued

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