30 October 2014

At the crossroads of civilization, the last step

Human civilization has reached its existential crossroads. It is there and now is the time for our civilization to take the leap. We have to choose either the technocratic way of development based on selfishness and competition, or the release of the latent potential of our subtle energies, which can only develop on the basis of altruism and cooperation.

Ultimately, technocracy, will lead to the complete degradation and cease of the experiment called "Homo sapiens on the planet Earth." If we find the strength to go the second way, we are looking at the path of revival and development of man as a creator.

Let’s look in those two paths of development in more detail. What can technocracy give us? Sure, it's grand opening that will allow humanity to overcome the energy and food crises, possibility to extend the life to hundreds and even thousands of years. Perhaps even immortality for a chosen few, with the transition from transhumanism to complete transfer of consciousness into virtual reality. But, with all this apparent prosperity, the man will never be able to find an answer for what he is. A new matrix in an existing one, which will only generate a new illusion, but it will be within the existing universe.

To direct us down the wrong path there was chosen ideal manipulation technology – it’s the implemented competition between people, a method that is on everyone's mind, but unchallenged.

You say that all planetary processes from simple cells to higher organisms are found, namely, in this competition, and you'd be right. But not one of the living organism of the planet, has the consciousness, this is what distinguishes us from all things. Possessing such a gift as consciousness and using it properly, we have been able to free ourselves from the imposed system of permanent competition, and move to a higher level of existence - to the mutual cooperation based on altruism.

The full potential of humanity wasted on empty competition within the species Homo sapiens. The system, introduced from outside, generates from human material - monsters of consumption and greed. Society has divided us into two categories: on Winners and Losers.

You do not have the new iPhone? You're a loser. You work on Wall Street or in some financial corporation? You’re the winner.

But even for the biggest Winner there is always even greater Winner, so it always reaches the same point - running to nowhere. The great mental energy of this planet, encased in a man, and perhaps in the entire universe is wasted "flushed into the toilet."

Imposed stereotypes are driving on the back of our minds, our best features and capabilities. We consume not even for the sake of consumption, rather for the sake of other people's opinions about us. We are immersed in the contemplation of the monkey itself from the side, and a mirror for self contemplation is our sick society, fake smiles and applauds well as our "success" and our "failures." But even this era of consumption came to an end. And here we are at a crossroads ...

Another way, the way of altruism and cooperation. This is exactly what is hidden in us and carefully suppressed (these are the conditions of the experiment). Only in collaboration between people possible transition to a new existential stage, only cooperation can make creator out of a man.

This is a very difficult path, the path of rethinking the way to suppress vile selfishness and greed.

Gradually releasing from its internal capacity, endless streams of subtle energies will push boundaries of the physical world and beyond the universe itself (experimental matrix).

You say this is not possible, such people do not exist. I would say, maybe, but we are connected in general info-field and any idea spreads between us on the mental level with infinite speed. If each of us just think, whether I'm living my life as I should, it will be enough for civilizational progress of mankind and putting us on a par with those who started the experiment.

Utopia? Perhaps, but if you read this article you are already thinking, and thus the universe began to change.

I would like to finish the wonderful words of the outstanding mathematician from Russia. Perelman proved the theorem of Poincare and rejected the huge amounts of prize money.

Why would I want a million dollars? I can control the universe.

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