15 October 2014

IS is created and maintained by American and Israeli intelligence services. The main objective for them is Iran?

Undoubtedly, the IS is supported by world corporatocracy and intelligence agencies. The main purpose of this is Iran, the only deadly enemy of Israel in the region. Direct confrontation between Israel and Iran is not likely to bring victory to Israel, and may only unite the Arab world against the Jews. But Israel hopes to solve this problem by using their control teams of IS. Why IS did not protested or threatened Israel during summer operations against Palestine? Why even the airstrikes are still not stopping them ?

Numerous reports have emerged that indicate that the IS was covertly created by Western intelligence to destabilise the region and assist in the overthrow of Syria’s President Assad.

According to Scott Rickard, a former linguist for U.S. intelligence, the IS was trained by “Americans, British, French, Jordanian, Turkish” intelligence for several years prior to the current outbreak of fighting in Iraq.

Speaking to Iran’s Press TV recently, Rickard said the ISIL’s movements were being tracked and coordinated with the help of Western drones so as to help them evade Syrian and Kurdish security forces.

According to World Net Daily, U.S. instructors also helped train the militants at a secret base in Jordan in 2012.

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