10 October 2014

Rampage - Capital Punishment: Shadow elite sentenced "moneybags" to destruction?

In this article we would like to talk about the new movie by Uwe Boll, "Rampage: Capital Punishment", published in 2014. Those who were lucky enough to see this film, definitely wondered what it is what Uwe Boll wanted to tell us, and it may not even be Uwe, but who else?

Sure, Uwe performs just order, shaping the future of the matrix. And mind you, the first film with a similar theme," Assault on Wall Street" was perceived by the audience quite positively. Uwe hit the nail chastising banksters, with the hands of the common man. Justice has been done, and the evil bankers were punished.
But in the second film, Uwe dug much deeper, where he bit global problems of the world. Main premise appointed governments of the world and their sponsors bankers and corporations as the ones to blame for the problems. Sounds like an obvious call for the destruction of those governments, the direct killing of the money bags and their lackeys. Think about it. Was it possible for this film with such content 15 released years ago? Certainly no.

But most importantly, the shadowy elite want us to relize that nobody will remain unaffected. All those who will remain indifferent are declared as superfluous ballast and will be destroyed.

The protagonist is presented as a man obsessed with manic psychosis and killing innocent people that’s just disgusting. But once there is his appeal to the people on live TV, the balance outweigh its side.

This film is yet another clear sign to lovers of gold toilets and their serving biomass - all of you were sentenced. Soon there will be angry crowds robbing luxury villas, and those angry mobs later brutally executing those filthy rich "moneybags". Agree, a terrible fate.

But the world is changing rapidly. Planetary program to reduce the population is already running, and most of it will be done by hands of inhabitants of the planet. No wonder the film constantly refers to a better life for mankind - it's own destruction in the name of liberation.

Plans of the elites

Future of the planet is heading a technocratic way. Biotechnology, information technology-related gave birth to a new kind of people – people of transhumanist era.

Golden toilet with rhinestones
Shadow elite divided the rich into two categories, the relevant managers for future planetary paradigm and worthless collectors of golden toilet with rhinestones. We want to give a few examples of these super-rich people.

So, according to the shadow elite managers the relevant category includes figures such as Sergey Brin, Google's owner. Think about the Bilderberg meeting in 2013 and the direct participation of Google corporation. Elon Musk has decided to share his free technology with the world. Bill and Melinda Gates participating in the programs of the globalists. And all those who donated their assets entirely directed to programs of globalization. (Soros, Buffett ..)

Most expensive house in world 

costs $1 billion
But there is another category eating away the planet's resources and spreading poverty and powerlessness. This category includes all billionaires from the former Soviet Union, they are the first in line for utilization. They also include some of the "moneybags" from India, Latin America and Middle Eastern emirs in their gold plated Ferraris.

According to the elites in the new paradigm, they have no place on this planet, they do not fit.

New Jacobins from the bottom, controlled by secret elites, will soon begin to cleanse the revolution of the planet. But we also know that any revolution devours its own children later.

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Emanuel Zorg for INSIDER DAILY