6 November 2014

London: Anonymous Million Mask March

Protesters and police engaged in a tense stand-off with sporadic scuffles erupting across central London amid mass acts of civil disobedience. At least 10 Million Mask March protesters were detained after breaching cordons and inciting police to fight.

London police confirmed ten people were arrested amid sporadic clashes between the Million Mask March protesters and police officers. Authorities said that people were apprehended for assaulting police officers, setting off fireworks, public order offences, obstruction and at least one case of attempted grievous bodily harm,

The mostly peaceful rally saw some unrest after protesters pushed through metal barriers cordoning off the area outside London’s Buckingham Palace and incited police to fight.

“Move back now,” police yelled. “Piggy piggy piggy, fight fight fight,” protesters shouted at police.

Jostling with the metal barriers segregating police from protesters took place, with some being lifted off the floor and hurled at the law enforcement officials.

As they were felled, some of the protesters sat down in front of the policemen, seeming to act as a replacement barrier of sorts from more violent demonstrators while still retaining masks.

Some protesters sent fireworks over the crowd in direct contravention of a Met police directive for people not to use pyrotechnics at the march.

Protesters then moved towards Piccadilly Circus before turning onto Regents Street, and kept marching through the central London streets.