7 November 2014

Elites are facing the new problem of population reduction

We found floating in the network a very interesting paper published by the American Academy of Sciences. A document titled «Human population reduction is not a quick fix for environmental problems» opens up a veil and points to the full interest of the elites for significant reduction of the planet population.

According to their understanding, they are facing the problem of population reduction; according to their study, rapid reduction is not expected, as this requires political will and the consolidation of the elites nor will be solution in the end.
According to their calculations, even if there is a disaster with the death of 2 billion people on the planet, in the horizon of 5 years, it will not lead to the desired result. By 2100, there would still be more than 8.5 billion people on earth.

However, they still believe that there is a way to long-term solution. As we mentioned above, we need political will of elites plus technology that will effectively reduce the population of the planet. They certainly do not tell directly about what technology or methods we are talking about here, but we (INSIDER DAILY) will try to remind you.

1) Reducing the quality of life in regions with most resource consumption (advanced countries of golden billion).
a) The destruction of the middle class, and bringing down the whole society to the level of developed countries lumpen proletarians. That is, the creation of such social niches where high mortality is common.

2) For areas of the third world it’s undoubtedly the use of all kinds of vaccines that will ultimately sterilize the majority of the population. And of course do not forget the GMO products, under the guise of fighting the hunger they are just doing their dirty work.

3) One of the most effective methods that will suit both the rich countries and the poor is a war. Proven and effective method.

Regional shading indicates relative mean population density projected for 2100: white shading = 0 persons km2 to darker shading = 656.6 persons km2. Values next to each region line (legends) indicate the ratio of the projected 2100 population (N2100) to the 2013 start population (N2013). Red hatched overlay indicates position of global Biodiversity Hotspots.

So, what do we see? While previously, considering or talking about the plans to reduce the population of the planet was just mere conspiracy nonsense, now they do not even hesitate and sagely write scientific research on this topic.

Welcome to the brave new world