5 November 2014

Lucy - we are the ones who created us?

Certainly, many have seen the new movie, created by prominent French film director Luc Besson. Film is unordinary, although it has not receive any considerably high rating on IMDB. But there is something in this film that makes us ask the question - What is the matrix we live in trying to tell us.

We will not try to discover the secret signs and esoteric puzzles in this movie. The basic idea lies on the surface- it’s hidden human potential and where lays the limit.
Luc Besson used very potent drugs as a catalyst and a method of unlocking of these abilities for Lucy as shown in the film, the entangled plot begins after they are used.

The very idea of ​​the expansion of human consciousness, and hence the boundaries of the physical world, with the help of drugs is not new. Remember the famous Stanislav Grof and his experiments with LSD. Carlos Castaneda and his "The Teachings of Don Juan," where, as the expander of consciousness acts substance from a cactus called peyote.

Experiments were carried out with the participation of people in the 1950’s, but Besson chose not just the experience itself, astral travel, bur rather the possibility of a full exit from an existing matrix

The film is interesting in that the author uses as references various fragments of ancient religions and teachings. Knowledge of the new world and its hidden side, begins at Lucy with scrutiny morphing tree.

The view that is open to everyone and the one that is hidden from the eyes of an ordinary man, but not for Lucy. From eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge the history of mankind begins, and then with the contemplation of the sacred tree of evolution, Lucy begins to turn from ordinary human into a something supernatural.

With each new dose of substance, Lucy increases her capacity, she is deprived of emotions and her world starts to become just a mere ordinary toy. The physical body becomes a burden. At a mental level, inside of Lucy exist many different forms of life, take a look at the changing eyes. All barriers of the physical world are erased and the entire universe opens up for her.

Here I’d like to remind you of the words from the boy bending spoons in the «Matrix» movie - There is no spoon. Don’t you think that what’s happening to the Lucy, is intertwined with what is happening with Neo in the Matrix?

It the transformation of Lucy itself, becoming a superhuman, demigod managing space and time, but where is the limit.

There is no limit. Reaching 100 percent utilization of the brain, it is dissolved, its vibrations become so high that the entire history of the universe was in her palm. She is able to create matter, start the time and create a new life - she becomes a God.

Here comes a paradox, recall the scene with the monkey. By religious scholasticism, God created us in His image and likeness, but then who created the God?

The answer is simple, it is on the surface, remember the words of Christ "

John 10:34 The Jews answered Him, "For a good work we do not stone You, but for blasphemy; and because You, being a man, make Yourself out to be God." 34Jesus answered them, "Has it not been written in your Law, 'I SAID, YOU ARE GODS'?

In other words, this whole universe is the matrix product of our own, we play these games forever, falling from the higher realms of being on the lowest rung. Receiving some experience, we are going back to the roots, to our own primal "I". We create new forms of life and the universe and discovering the tenets of being, which are also created by us, but forgotten so that the game remains fair.

- That our life is a game.

Lucy final scene

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