10 November 2014

"Pursuit" - or the other side of reality

Recently, I was lucky enough to witness the clip of French DJ GESAFFELSTEIN - PURSUIT. Fairly well edited video with secret hints and hidden meanings.

No, in the video we DO NOT see any secret messages of the Illuminati, or the eyes and the pyramids or other platitudes. The esoteric content of this clip is laid much deeper and we will try find a meaning together.

In the beginning of the clip, we see two humans in their youth, blond hair and smiling faces naively selected as the experimental samples. Childhood and white garments symbolize purity and integrity, so that the experiment was not subject to doubt.

In the next shot we see the movement of children to some open black box.

Exactly in this moment is hidden the most outstanding part of the video, just a black box gives the answers to all the following questions.

What represents the black box? Anyone who was involved directly with information technology at the level of programming knows that there is a thing known as "esoteric programming language", which was created to study the possible limits, evidence and implementation of some ideas. Short definition sounds like a "proof of concept"

Black Box - a term used to describe the system, the internal structure and operation mechanism is very complex, unknown or unimportant within the task.

The system, which is represented as a "black box", is regarded as having a certain "input" for input and "output" to display the results of the work in this place. During the operation, system processes are unknown to the observer.

"Black" box is a complex homomorphic model of a cybernetic system in which we observe diversity.

That is, simply put at the entrance was the creator or group of creators and their purpose. Interpreter of the code-design is shown as a "black box." At the exit there is a new reality, or if you want the computer matrix.

But back to the study of the clip. In the next shot we see a continuation of the experiment and that it is already in a different reality. Output data from the black box began their projection.

We see the same box on the right side, a young female and a male standing with their back to each other. The male just when entering into this reality acquired a symbol of power in the form of a golden hand. Here we see that their roads diverge in opposite directions.

The next action is the initiation ceremony of the young man by a certain circle of people, most likely close in the blood to this young man.

Perhaps this is some kind of transfer of power and authority, in terms of dedication to elect those who will govern this reality.

Immediately another frame pops, man in appearance like a scientist working with the clusters of powerful data centers, one that generates that virtual reality. And no one of those present in the background do not pay any attention to all of these server racks and bustling staff. The experiments subject do not see it, they are on the other side of the "black box"

That is, two separate realities but only one is experiment, while the other runs this experiment, without any predictable end.

Now it becomes clear that we are in the video talking about virtual reality, a new universe is created as an experiment.

But let's see on what will happen in this universe, where the final result is not known to anybody.

Then there is act of worship and full allegiance. Sign symbolized by golden hand pressed to the left side on the chest of one chosen to govern this reality, but still being subordinate to the forces that created this reality.

Notice all the persons divided into two components of the color, black and white. The world is divided between the opposing forces to balance the energies. And in this universe, all the power is within the hands of black side.

The clip constantly stirs people, those responsible for creation and maintenance of a reality and those who participate as guinea pigs and experiment subjects.

Universe is variable, so every individual, endowed with the will, the power and authority is able to create his or her new reality. Look at these people with black boxes at the feet, they are willing to continue the experiment.

Then there are the list of characters that keep this reality in a stable condition.

Merging of power and mammon

Sex addiction


Technological progress (in this case military technology)

Entertainment directly controlled by experimenters.

However, even in this experiment are those who feel disgruntled by reality. Remember that the result at the output of the "Black Box" can not be predicted.

Next part, shows the manipulation and lies, where no one takes responsibility. Always blaming someone, just like in our reality.

Dead justice

Pop-up picture of a huge number of small arms as a symbol of control even over the experimenters. The matrix within the matrix, and so on to infinity in the form of a fractal.

The rulers of this world attribute by power, contemplates itself in a vacuum. No reflection, the physical world is illusory, just the alienating projection.

The last frame, the power is dead, even it cannot resist program embedded in the "black box". The mantle represents symbol of power along with the golden hand, but the futility of existence in this illusion are beyond anyone.

As a result, the clip shows us the reality of the situation. All that you see around you, is just virtual reality, someone launched a program where we all, including those who are in authority are nothing but a scenery. Where only internal "I" can overcome the walls of the matrix programming.

Matthew 6: 19-21
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
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Emanuel Zorg for INSIDER DAILY