17 November 2014

Who interferes with Czech President or Czech "mini-maidan"

Today is a great day for a small country located in the heart of Europe. This day is the remembrance day of fall of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Today, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are two independent states.

But let’s take a look at the streets of Prague today. In this tranquil and well-behaved country, there are ongoing mass demonstrations against the current President Milos Zeman. We would like to note, this is the first president of the Czech Republic, chosen by a direct vote, which makes it a direct expression of the will of the people.

The reason for the demonstrations was the dissenting opinion of Milos Zeman, which he expressed in the media about the Sino-Tibetan relations and about the Russian punk band "Pussy Riot", which name he translated into Czech language without censorship. A political prisoner from Russia, Mikhail Khodorkovsky was called a common thief. And most importantly, his dismissive attitude towards dissidents of communist era rule in Czechoslovakia.

But there is other side, about which the official media are silent.

In the Czech Republic, there is a huge energy nuclear complex called Temelin, which currently uses only 2 units, while the remaining third and fourth unit must be further built by winning company on state over watched competitive tender. The main rivals are the US Westinghouse and Russia's Atomstroyexport.

Temelín Nuclear Power Station
In 2013, the then Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas, while in Moscow, had been careless enough to express confidence that the Russian Atomstroyexport has the best chances of getting Tender on completion of Temelin. After this statement. Petr Necas lost his premiership. Of course pretext was completely different, a special team of police dug up dirt at him right away. (according to unconfirmed reports, police have been provided information directly from the US Embassy in Prague)

Czech Republic, Anti-President demonstration 17.11.2014 (1)
Czech Republic, Anti-President demonstration 17.11.2014 (2)
The current Czech president, even in the current political situation does not agree that in the Czech Republic tender, Russian companies should be discriminated because of situation in Ukraine, which in turn makes Washington very angry. As it may lead to a victory of Atomstroyexport for the Temelin tender rather than US Westinghouse. There is only one method of changing the course of action, popular protests to remove the president, even for trivial pretext.

Czech Republic, Anti-President demonstration 17.11.2014 (3)
Czech Republic, Anti-President demonstration 17.11.2014 (4)
Give out of red cards, interesting, who did organize that?
Experience from one of the demonstrators
From the first look it was interesting that everyone (with few exceptions that took into their hands and on themselves something red) all had the same looking cards, the same shade of red, the same size and made out of the same material. There were several thousands of them. Then I noticed several women who were at a crossroads at the booth where crates were distributed. One of them spoke English with others and so I asked them whether they are organizers. No one answered, so I asked for which credible NGO they work. Again no reply. Then I asked the English-speaking, whether she is working for the US Embassy Prague. I repeated the question and I wanted to take a picture of the woman on the phone but suddenly two men rushed to me and started thrusting into me and pushing me to the pavement while shouting that I am "provocateur" and "fucking communist". When they pushed me a few meters from the point of cards give away, they then kept "guarding" me from wandering anywhere close. Around me, I saw a fanatical Havlists and Karljugend, the number of Ukrainian flags, Tibetan flags, banners with Pussy Riot, many hate banners on the theme of Russia and Zeman and there was even one black-and-red Bandera flag.

What we see in the end, is that even the main principle of the Democracy they preach is a burden when it begins to interfere with their interests. This is a true symbol of this false era, preach water, drink wine.

Petr Kelímek for INSIDER DAILY