1 December 2014

The future of humanity by the patterns of shadow elite

Certainly, many of you have read on numerous online resources about the secret plans of the elites. Reduction of the population through various manipulations (social and technological), many people write about the plot of the Jewish elite, and even the extraterrestrial civilizations.

I have written repeatedly on this portal about the plans of shadow elite with regards to human civilization. In this article I would like to touch upon the metaphysical part of these plans.

Various futurologists paint unenviable future for mankind, it is war, famine, disasters and genocide. But these futurists must have good reasons for their predictions.

On what are their predictions based?

Let's go back to the ancient times, where various prophets enjoyed the special status.

In all cultures of the world, there is a mention of these prophets. The American Indians and the peoples of the Far North and Africans- shamans. In Asian culture- dervishes, Europeans- various magicians and druids. Later, when humanity was divided on religious grounds, the basis of these religions began to appear the monks, prophets and seers.

In all three of world religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), there are certain prophecies about the fate of the world. I specifically chose these three religions, as they are of the same root, the Abrahamic religions. On the basis of these three religions, elites have managed to create the most powerful egregore to manipulate humanity. (We will talk about all the other religions later)

I want to note that we are talking about the real elites, which we can only guess (Illuminati, Priests, Dukes ...), they control the entire history of mankind from its inception until its end. All those who are called “elites” by the media, and who are constantly present as such are just a dolls, PR managers planted for the implementation of these scenarios.

A feeling that all the self-fulfilling prophecy is nothing but a pre-defined script, and the prophets, voicing the script only interface between the elites and the population of the planet.

Let's look at a few examples of these prophecies that are either already fulfilled or their content is related to what is happening right now.

Prophecy of Nostradamus about Israel

Nostradamus prophecy: Quatrain 8, 96

The sterile synagogue without any fruit,will be received by the infidels,the daughter of the persecuted (man) of Babylon,miserable and sad, they will clip her wings.
This quatrain prophecy came true almost completely. Israel recreated and surrounded by hostile nations, leaving only the final touch - "Babylon, trim the wings."

You may say that Babylon, Iraq is long defeated and poses no threat to Israel, but do not rush to conclusions. First, take a look at the triumphant march of troops of the Islamic State in Iraq, a little more and go Iraq turns into Islamic caliphate. Also, do not forget about another state hostile towards Israel, Iran, part of present-day Iran, was part of the Babylonian Empire too. After the capture of the kingdom of Babylon by Persia, the new capital of Persian empire became the Babylon.

Iran could become an insurmountable obstacle for Israel after Iran develops own nuclear weapons, and possibly becomes that "Babylon, clipping the wings." We can only wait and anticipate the way in which elites will fill the prophecy of Nostradamus.

Let's look at the famous prophecy of our contemporary Edgar Cayce. He predicted a large number of world events. This and World War II and the fate of political figures in America.

In 1939, Edgar Cayce predicted the deaths of two presidents, saying:

"You are going to have confusion-are going to have conflicts between capital and labor. You must have a split in their own land, before you have the second of the Presidents that will survive below his office ... not a law from the crowd! " In April 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office.

Cayce went on to say:

"If there is more give and take, consideration for those who produce, with better division of labor profiteering, there must be greater turmoil in the land." President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November 1963.
Of the more than 26 thousand recorded prophecy Edgar Cayce let's look at one of the most interesting, it directly concerns our present time.

Prophecy about President Obama:

"The 44th president of the US would be black and would be the last. The 44th President of the US is going to pull the nuclear trigger."

Very accurate prophecy, the world really is on the verge of a nuclear war, whether it will be enforced until the end, we can only wait.

Vanga prophecy:

One of the most interesting figures in the world of predictors was a resident of eastern Europe named Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova (Vanga)  Bulgarian grandmother predicted a huge number of world events:

Vanga predicted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, When she said that "American brothers would fall under attacks of birds of steel".

Vanga prophesied the collapse of the USSR, the death of Princess Diana and thousands of happenings in people's personal lives. And one of her prophecies completely overlaps with the prophecy of Edgar Cayce about 44 US president.

In it she said that the last president of the United States is black and his reign will put America into the crisis.

There are many other examples of different prophecies from different cultures and beliefs. But quoting prophecies is not our problem. We need to understand one truth, if there are prophets and prophecies - it means someone needs it. It does not matter whether you believe in them or not. Just as it does not matter whether these are true prophecies.What is Important is background information that will generate one or the other "cryptographic key" to the mental projection.

Mental projections

If we think of the theory that the universe is variable, the final outcome of future events has an infinite number of possible options, for the elites there, is no difficulty to manipulate future events as they please. For any event that already exists, you only need to create a mental projection and direct history to the correct path. One of the tools are the prophets and their mental projections.

The main secret of the elite - an understanding of that the future can do itselff, any prediction can be executed on it’s own. Moreover, any prediction is possible to generate and implement, using some secret technology. That’s why the power is so important to the elites. Power allows you to create a huge mental projection of metaphysical force, this force can direct the history of mankind in one or another variant of the universe. To put it simply, it opens the door for any event at its sole discretion.

How are these projections made? As we mentioned above, the power can generate these projections. Since having the power means you wield the media, the film industry, the entertainment industry at your disposal and elites create these projections based on people's emotions. Emotions and thoughts of the people are the key to the future of endless options.

Let's take a very simple example the film industry. Take a look at the proposed themes for movies, it's movies and TV series featuring a grand catastrophe, or global epidemic, or total war. A huge number of the population of the planet begin to resonate in unison with the information provided, there is a huge release of energy, which in turn begin to create the necessary mental projection.

Established mental projection is the key to the door of any programmed future.

But what I want to especially note that all the prophecies are hopeless. After every severe and terrible event happened, it was followed by a revival of mankind from the ashes like a rebirth of the phoenix. Actually not all is lost sad, the only thing that is haunting me is the question, why do we need to go through all these terrible trials. I think the answer is obvious, we need crystallization of human material. Only after some kind of spiritual purification we can restore complete harmony of the human race.

Remember the phoenix to be reborn from the ashes, you must first become those ashes

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Emanuel Zorg for INSIDER DAILY