16 March 2015

Where is Putin? A finger on the red button

During the last ten days, the world gets excited by the news concerning the missing Russian president. There are many speculations, however, the removal from power or killing of Putin sound simply ridiculous, just like the birth of his child from Alina Kabaeva.

14 March 2015

Year 5775 (2015), what kabbalists are preparing for this world?

Firstly, I would like to welcome you all, we're back, finishing one large analytical project, parts of which will be published on this portal. During our absence (more than 2 months), the world has gone through a huge number of significant events, moved to a new phase, which shadow elite begins to realize. Let us briefly analyze the situation of the past two months. The most important events took place on the European continent and the Middle East.

Euro-Atlantic civilization in the face of US and developed European countries entered into a new Cold War against the Eurasian civilization in the face of Russia. Although calling this cold war can be done only partly because Ukrainian crisis is escalating every once in a while. Islamic State threatens global jihad, and it's going to start it in Europe, and it has already begun, remember shooting in Paris.