16 March 2015

Where is Putin? A finger on the red button

During the last ten days, the world gets excited by the news concerning the missing Russian president. There are many speculations, however, the removal from power or killing of Putin sound simply ridiculous, just like the birth of his child from Alina Kabaeva.

There is no doubt that something is happening, but most versions are either fake or prepared misinformation.

According to our insider, Russia is preparing for full-scale aggression repeling of the US and NATO. Putin is located somewhere, where he could safely manage all troops.

Now that is very disturbing that throughout the Russian Federation,there are full-scale exercises being carried out, including troops and nuclear deterrence. Exercises of this scale has never been held in Russia during its modern history . Also, there are NATO and US troops being moved to the borders of Russia and just carrying out exercises in the Black Sea.

Black Sea, NATO ships

NATO tanks in Eastern Europe
Some experts say that the current crisis is much more serious than the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

A source in the Russian Defense Ministry said, that the Russian Federation is now actually "at war", because of this, "system Dead Hand" was fully activated in accordance with the order of President Putin on 29 July 2014.

According to the information, which may be a leak, the Russian FSB together with Kaspersky Lab has conducted an operation of the electronic implementation which rerouted Internet traffic and conducted analysis. It was possible to obtain electronic codes for launches and coordinates of all nuclear weapons in the UK which in turn showed the presence of a plan to commence afirst strike against Russia during a week, starting from March 15.

Redirected Traffic
A network error routed traffic for the UK's nuclear weapons agency through Russian Telecom

So, there is something big going on. Some believe, that the US needs the war for the solution of their economic failure and and to eradicate debt.

But we think that the truth is buried much deeper, we have written more about it in a previous article.

UPDATE: The version could be considered as right, as Putin have showed himself in good health. Looks like, the crisis have been postponed for now.

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Nikos Theo for INSIDER DAILY