14 March 2015

Year 5775 (2015), what kabbalists are preparing for this world?

Firstly, I would like to welcome you all, we're back, finishing one large analytical project, parts of which will be published on this portal. During our absence (more than 2 months), the world has gone through a huge number of significant events, moved to a new phase, which shadow elite begins to realize. Let us briefly analyze the situation of the past two months. The most important events took place on the European continent and the Middle East.

Euro-Atlantic civilization in the face of US and developed European countries entered into a new Cold War against the Eurasian civilization in the face of Russia. Although calling this cold war can be done only partly because Ukrainian crisis is escalating every once in a while. Islamic State threatens global jihad, and it's going to start it in Europe, and it has already begun, remember shooting in Paris.

Ordinary man in the street is in a state of shock. Some are waiting for the invasion of hordes of Islamists, walking through Montmartre, others tremble in fear at the thought of Russian armored hordes, wrecking Warsaw and Berlin, and on opposite sides of the same fear, they expect NATO troops near Moscow and Novosibirsk.

Now let's try to find the true purpose of all these events.

All what I wrote above is true only from the perspective of an ordinary man in the street, stuffed with propaganda drawing information from official sources and the media, but thinking people, which are undoubtedly the readers of this blog know, that there are always plenty of uncomfortable questions. "Is it all really, as this matrix is showing us?"

We can confidently say, that it’s much more complicated and more refined. Shadow rulers have launched this reality and began to spin the humanity flywheel through powerful emotions to achieve their goals. The most important goal is to bring into this world the Jewish Messih, savior, reformatting of the current world order into the global technocratic paradigm. Perhaps many will say, but what's wrong, technological progress in the service of humanity is great. But you're wrong, technological progress and all the benefits associated with it will be accessible only to the elite, the rest of humanity are destined for a role of beggars controlled by lumpen. Everything will be controlled, including the conscious and subconscious mind. And in order to guide everything is going on to suit their plans they start to fulfill Old Testament prophecy of the coming of Moshiach

Remember our article about who generates prophecy and who sells them? http://www.insiderdaily.info/2014/12/the-future-of-humanity-by-patterns-of.html remember? And now for the really important information in our opinion.

The information that you will now read you will not be fond in any of the official sources, they simply do not speak about it in many television and online publications just avoids it. Thanks to our friends living in the territory of modern Ukraine, we got very interesting information and we want to share it.

So, written in 2015, or orthodox Jewish tradition year 5775. The nation of Israel has been 5775 years awaiting the arrival of their savior or Messaih with expectation increasing taking place in the passive form. Even many of the Orthodox Jewish community started distribution of printed materials dedicated to the arrival of Moshiach.

Only representatives of one of the most influential ultra-Orthodox streams of Judaism (Chabad) decided to physically embody the prophecy. This trend is so influential in the modern world that no important decision of any world polytypic or economically spectrum can not be accepted without the representatives of this trend. Chabad penetrated into all the higher realms of the management pyramid of humanity and is a supervisor over all the processes taking place on the planet.

Chabad Lubavitcher with Bush in the white house

Putin and Rabbis
According to a former high-ranking official, Chabad, Edward Khodos, February 1, 2015 Chabad high priests adopted a resolution concerning the coming of Moshiach in this world.

Edward Khodos

Edward Khodos and Lubavitche Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Edward Khodos - known public figure in Ukraine. In 1991 he was appointed head of the Jewish religious community in Kharkov (Ukraine). At this high office he blessed the seventh (and last) Lubavitche Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson! The same Schneerson, who in 1994 was awarded posthumously the highest award of the United States - the Congressional Gold Medal. According to the plans of the Jewish organization "Chabad" Eduard Hodos was supposed to be on the Ukrainian part of the post-Soviet space of the beholder, the Jewish baron. But ... he voluntarily gave up this high office.

45 rabbis declared that Moshiach came into the world in the human body and is waiting for the right time.

Psak Din 1

Psak Din 2
But in order for that to realize the prophecy fully, you first need to create conditions for the arrival of the Messiah. What conditions are necessary? Firstly, it is a global world war, all kinds of disasters and economic crisis. Disasters and catastrophes are already successfully implemented, remember 911, 2004 tsunami, the Chinese earthquake in 2008, 2011 Fukushima and more. 
Chinese earthquake in 2008

The economic crisis is destroying entire countries and regions. All that remains is to bring the final touch, global world war.

And the realization of this last missing puzzle began on the territory of Ukraine. Why in the Ukraine? Yes, because for start of the global World War, you need the global player and that player is Russia. According to the Old Testament eschatology, shortly before the arrival of the Messiah, there will be Invasion of the two nations, which will shake the world and the name of the two nations are Gog u-Magog (גּוֹג וּמָגוֹג). Ezekiel 38-39

Gog u-Magog
Russia will perform the role of Gog, China the role of Magog. Based on the interpretation of the Old Testament prophecies, more than 200 million Chinese people have to cross the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and face the great battle of Armageddon at the gates of Jerusalem. In the global collision will také part all peoples of the world and when the world is on the brink of destruction the Jewish savior, Moshiach will appear and declare peace on the planet. Humanity, being tired of the terrible shocks will accept him and worship him as a god.

According to the memoirs of Edward Khodos, Chabad rabbis of the Supreme, said about these events to him in the early 90's of the last centur.

"These days, when all the kingdoms of the world rise up against each other, we must know and believe that the war between the kingdoms of the nations of the world will not touch and relieve God of the Jews. On the contrary, all the events will be used only for the benefit of the Jewish people."

Chabad leaders opened Edward Khodos many hidden secrets:

In October and November 1991 at the invitation of Chabad Rebe, Rabbi Schneerson, Edward Khodos came as the head of the liberal Jewish community to stay for over a month and spoke with representatives of Chabad in New York. He was initiated into their plans for the reconstruction of the world, but on 1 November at the request of the Lubavitcher, Rebbe met with a member of the sect, Chabad US Senator Joseph Lieberman. Joseph Lieberman told him, that the Soviet Union will remain here for two more months, the United States have just a bit over 20 years.

According to opinion Edward Khodos, Barack Obama is being prepared for the same role as Gorbachev, the first destroyed the Soviet Union, will destroy the United States which will lead the world to a global catastrophe.

I would like to end this article on a positive note. All that is in store for our civilization by shadow elites certainly can happen. But it will happen only because the majority of the world's population is in a permanent state of lethargy. We sleep without understanding the nature of things and events taking place. Humanity is led to the slaughter like cattle, and only a few are trying to scream, but whether others will hear.

Infinite Consciousness

Humanity has to finally lift ass from TVs and monitors with Instagram and Facebook, stop consuming, come out of your limited coop, try to understand who you really are. You are the creator rather than a sacrificial animal to false gods ...

Emanuel Zorg for INSIDER DAILY

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